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Bringing Fun Back to Economy

New concepts in economy and community open our economic horizons.

Townstate Co.

Online Advertising for small communities. Townstate started with our virtual town of and has expanded in many more communities. We brand businesses online by using their storefront as an clickable Avatar.

Townstate is the brainchild of Connie Delaney of Connie offers advertising and webdesign through open-source content management systems.

Townstate helps you be seen online.


Learn and earn

Get in the black... Financial freedom comes from spending less and saving more. Learn how revolutionaly concepts in group buying power are helping us do just that:

SpinCraft Patterns

It may seem a bit out of place to have knitting patterns on a business website, but this is the idea that launched Connie into studying and understanding how multiple streams of residual income can transform people's lives and bring the American Dream back into balance.

And, oh yea... Knitting is fun, relaxing, creative and great therapy!